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  • Fully automated solution backed by years of psychological research
  • Your customers can leave a review for your business with just two clicks
  • You will see results coming in 24 hours to a week
  • Nudge Review Pro sends out reminder SMS and email messages to your customers who have explicitly consented to receiving messages to leave you reviews
  • Customers enter their name, cell no and/or email and consent on small tablet or smart phone
  • The whole process is automated thus relieving you of any follow up work

Tiny psychological nudges - the best persuasive tool to get loads of positive customer reviews for your business

Based on Noble Prize winning new Research, the Psychology of Persuasive Nudging is the secret art of directing mass human action to your desired outcomes through carefully orchestrated series of simple actions (or nudges) that fly under the radar that anyone can implement.

Father of 'nudge theory' Richard Thaler won 2017 Nobel prize in economics. Thaler came up with the concept of 'nudging' people through subtle changes in government policy to do things that are in their self-interest, such as saving for a pension.

"Richard Thaler's contributions have built a bridge between the economic and psychological analyses of individual decision-making", said the Nobel committee when awarding him the Nobel prize for Economics in 2017.

We have incorporated Thaler's insights and findings into our review tool. With this you can unleash a mountain of new reviews, capture new customers and enjoy soaring profits you never dreamed possible.

Automated SMS texts and emails to get positive reviews from a majority of your customers

When it comes to getting reviews it comes down to mostly asking. But there is a correct and a wrong way to ask. The words that you use can have profound impact in wether you get a positive review or a negative review even in the instances in which customer experience has being less than stellar.

It is a numbers game when it comes to achieving massive results. Even small improvements in the process can have dramatic impact on the total number of positive reviews you get for a year when you have in place a process to systematically ask all your customers for a review while at the same time drastically decreasing the amount of negative reviews you get.

In order to go after these numbers it essential to have an automated process that is easy to trigger with a simple input such as a customer's cell phone number and their explicit consent to send them reminders.

NudgeReview does all of the hard work

It is the full formula that brings the results.

The most dependable and consistent way to generate customer reviews is to use automated SMS and Deep understanding of Human Psychology of tiny nudges that fly under the radar. We always gets your customer's explicit permission before sending them SMS and email reminders.

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